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\" This gentleman wishes the representative of every university, college, or other corporation in the Council to be elected by those who hold the medical diplomas of those respective bodies. Besides having been accepted by large numbers of the finasteride profession, we are aware that this scheme is heartily endorsed by several eminent statesmen, and shall be much mistaken if it doe^ not form part of any change that may be effected than only propecia. No Liberal Government can perpetuate the power of a whole series of close boroughs, even on so minute a scale as those which com- pose the Medical Council. Each member of that body must sit as the representative of a much larger constitu- ency than the twenty or twenty-five persons who look after the details of the corporations. We observe that the balance-sheet of buy propecia on street the Council has already got into an unsatisfactory condition ; so that the idea of postponing such a reform as has been demanded to satisfy the profes- sion cannot much longer be entertained with propecia finasteride.\'\'\"